When to Start Potty Training Girls?

Potty training girls should only start when they are ready, same as with boys. A child needs to be ready and willing, regardless of gender. There are some studies that show girls are easier to train than boys and they learn faster. There is some truth to that but if you daughter struggles, you don’t need to be disappointed or worse, think badly of her. Not every child is the same so let her learn at her own pace. Here is a video that you might want to watch that details more on how to potty train a girl.

How to Potty Train A Girl?

First thing to do when she is ready is to buy the proper equipment. This is the same approach with boys. The important thing is to let her choose. She will get excited more if you talk about the shopping spree that you will go to. This can make her more willing to be trained.

As for the products, you will need either a potty seat or a toilet trainer. If she prefers a potty seat, a step stool is also recommended for secure footing. As for the underwear, you may want to use training pants instead of pull ups because they provide more benefit to the training process. Pull ups are like diapers so it can be confusing.

Once you have the proper equipment, let her be familiarized with them. This will make her comfortable around them and can make the training easier.

Toilet Training Tips for Girls

Children learn most of their skills through imitation so letting the daughter watch her mom in the toilet will prove beneficial. When she becomes curious, let her sit in the potty and let her be comfortable. If she doesn’t want to, don’t force it. You can give her a potty training doll so that you can demonstrate to her how it is done. Kids love to learn and they learn very well when they see what it is that they are supposed to be doing. This is a great approach on how to potty train a girl.

Motivation with rewards and praise can do wonders for potty training girls. Giving her something when she achieves even a small milestone is very beneficial. One example is having a chart and you let her put stickers in it every time she is successful. Once she reaches a certain amount of success, you can treat her and this can keep her motivated.

One very important thing when potty training girls is that you should teach them how to wash their genitals properly from front to back, especially when she goes number 2. There may be chances of infections if she is not washed properly, i.e, back to front.

This can be a very frustrating process but if all works out, it’s one of the best feelings for you and your child. Sometimes, even though what you’re doing is working, there will be problems. Just deal with the problems calmly and never get angry with your daughter. You should always stay positive because if your daughter feels that you are frustrated, it can have negative effects on the process.